Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oregon Shakespaeare Festival - Day 3!

We arrived in Ashland, checked in to our hotel and then had the pleasure of meeting with Michael Maag and Gwen Turos.  They gave us amazing insight into the workings of the festival and their careers.  We feel really blessed to have them their time with us.  It's an amazing connection to the festival.

Guest Blogger: Kaleb Turner:  Well the plane ride in was one of the most interesting plane rides of my life. There was a little turbulence during the plane ride, but in my opinion it was kind of fun. The hotel that we are staying at is great and the landscape is beautiful. The first play that we saw was "The Tenth Muse", I really enjoyed all of the different tech aspects and the acting was wonderful. The second play we saw was "My Fair Lady", this play was a very fun musical and it had me tapping my feet to the music. Well, we have more plays tonight and I am really looking forward to them. This is Kaleb Turner signing off.  SEE YA!M

Guest Blogger:  Mackenzie Williams:  On Tuesday we had the pleasure to see two theatrical productions in the Bomer theatre.  The theatre is a beautiful stage with vast seating.  The first production we saw was a new play called "The Tenth Muse", and it was a serious tale discussing overcoming diversities and education.  It was set in a Nunnery during the time of the plague.  The production had unique tech elements like using flame projections.  The second show we saw was the musical " My Fair Lady".  The show kept you entertained the entire time.  I thoroughly myself while laughing at the actors and tapping my foot to the fast tempo of the music.  Today we get the pleasure to see more plays in this lovely town and i can't wait.

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