Saturday, October 5, 2013

Guest Blogger: Shay Howell

My favorite show of this trip so far was "The Heart of Robin Hood." The main reason I loved this play so much was the fact it was different from the original "Robin Hood." In fact, I love this plotline so much better than the original. The way the cast was picked was wonderful; they seemed to know each other very well, which helped them play off each other. Some of the little details stick to your brain for days. One of these being that Robin Hood would sleep on this lyre and it would spin around slowly as he slept which to me was such a cool idea. The fight scenes were just as fun. The little pieces of fighting makes it look really cool. The last thing I loved about this play, was the way the actors made it so funny. My favorite character would have to be Pierre, just because the way he always seemed to make us laugh. This play was just a marvelous play, and I just wanted to watch it again right after it ended.

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