Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guest Blogger: Marcy Maroney
Saw an AMAZING production of Cymbeline last night! I had never read this play,  or seen it on stage, so I was really excited...and as usual OSF did not disappoint. The set was gorgeous and elaborate, and the director had chosen to present some of the characters in fantastical, magical way (think horns and long elf-like ears). I wish I could adequately describe the use of projections in the Elizabethan theatre.Images were projected on the huge tudor walls beside and above the enormous stage. For example, whenever the action moved from a scene in England to a scene in Italy,ocean waves splashed and lapped across the walls.Beautiful! However, one of my personal favorite aspects of the evening was watching this show sitting next to Rachel Bjork, by the end of the show we had our heads together exclaiming delightedly as every strand of the plot came together. She is a charming and intelligent young woman. What a great evening of theatre!

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