Monday, October 3, 2011

OSF Overall

Hey FHS and GHS! I'm so proud of all of you who traveled with us. It was the BEST group in many regards! NO ONE was late, not even once. I know that's what we expected but you are the first group to achieve it - not even 5 minutes of waiting, SUPER JOB. Another thing I loved was the attentiveness you showed each presenter and the excitement you showed in your faces at each space. I was very proud to be from Kalispell. Businesses commented positively on your behavior and patronage and all actors seemed to love you all the way to "Thank you Montana" at the end of Caesar. I'm curious to know your rankings, I've heard some of yours but would be curious to know the others. Here's mine: 1. Caesar 2. Willful (by the way they were really tied) 3. Measure 4. Invalid 5. African Company 6. Pirates 7. Henry IV 8. Loves...DISAGREE???? Comment here. Also realize that I really liked them all - this was just my ranking...
Thank you for an amazing experience. - Fritz