Thursday, September 29, 2011

OSF Wednesday: Brianna Kretske

Wow, what a day yesterday! We started the morning with an acting workshop emphasizing the power of words, and I now have a new respect for Shakespeare. He is credited with inventing 1,700 words, and I had trouble inventing just one. Our instructors were incredibly fun and presented us with entirely new ways to look at Shakespeare's words. We did lots of exercises like tongue twisters and rhymes that let us get really creative, and we also examinded several passages from plays like "Julius Ceasar", "Love's Labor's Lost", and "Henry IV Part II". So, those of you who are daunted by Old English, fear not! Shakespeare used over 30,000 words in his entire collection of works, but with a little fun exercises and practice, you'll become a pro at comprehending all of them.

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