Friday, September 30, 2011

OSF Friday: Emily Creighton + Brittanie Dull

Brittanie: ok ok sooo yesterday we got to go to some amazing play right emily?
Emily: Oh you right! It was called Julius Caesar right?
Brittanie: mhmm it sure was! i followed the story line and loved the cutting of the script. The play was very simple but exciting!!!
Emily: Oh yeah it was! And the blocking and casting was perfect! The actors broke the 4th wall which made the show even better!
Brittanie: i agree! oh hey Emily what was your favorite part of the play?
Emily: My favorite part was definitely the dream that Caesar had the night before she was murdered.
Brittanie: ohhh me too! the cool affect with the blood and the music/noises in the background made it so intense! they played it out like an actual dream! its so hard to describe how much i loved this play... it was one of those things that you had to be there to know what we're talking about.
Emily: Excatly! It was just ahhh, I loved comparing it to our Julius Caesar play in the Wolfpack Theatre. The two were surprisingly similar but also a lot different. It was really cool to see.
Brittanie: i agree! it just shows how amazing our theatre program is in our little home town of Kalispell MT! i also liked the way they set up the stage. the actors went around and interacted with the audience members before the show. if someone wouldn't have pointed that out i don't thing i would have even realized. this show like all the others taught me a lot and so i can take this all back to Glacier and teach all the other actors. what do you think Emily?
Emily: Im so excited to go back and tell all about OSF and what I've learned here. This is an experience I will never forget, it's been so amazing. But now its time for our directors workshop :)
Brittanie: thanks for reading our blog! hope you enjoyed it! see ya!
Emily: ta ta!!
Brittanie: tootles!!
Emily: Live long and prosper!
Brittanie: hasta luego!
Emily: SHOO SHOO!!
Brittanie: goodbye hahaha
Emily: Keep it real!
Brittanie: no seriously... bye.

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