Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OSF Tuesday: Jake Wilson

On Tuesday we started off with the backstage tour of the Elizabethan Theatre and the New Theatre which involved us being ushered around by an actor who pointed out interesting facts. We learned about how the Stage Manager signals the actor for entrance onto stage by a set of little amber looking lights. We then explored the entire backstage with costumes, green rooms and actor/actress's lounge. From anywhere behind stage the actors are able to hear and know what exactly part of the play they are in by a series of stereos and TV'S spread throughout the area. After we had finished our Backstage tour we then went to go see the Shakespearean play of "Measure for Measure" which was set in an amazing time period with an interesting idea of a latino twinge to things. The set we saw during "Measure for Measure" was exactly like a shoe box in which had great depth and awesome projections throughout. The play also consisted of amazing costumes which after the show is done can and will be rented out to various projects such as "Saturday Night live." After we finished "Measure for Measure" it was time to go see "The Imaginary Invalid". This play was fantastically written, directed, acted and lighted throughout the play. It had a good overall moral of "Live as if your going to die tomorrow." and how important it is to know the ones who love you. This play was overall well done and i think by the audiences reaction of laughter, tears and an standing ovation the play was a hit. So far OSF has been a wonderful experience amongst me and other kids. we have already begun to talk about ideas we have seen to be used in various plays we create in the future.

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